Ykha Amelz Sketches

Selected artifacts featuring Peputo, Ykha's beloved character.

Sketching has always provided me with clearer vision; at times, I find it difficult to stop myself because I feel so much joy from this part of the process. It feels like a sign that something is achievable—that we have the power to bring our imagination to life..

It's exhilarating.

I opt for blue outlines because they have proven to be highly effective in my digital sketches. The color allows for easy tracing when finalizing my piece, while also maintaining a balanced presence among the various elements in my sketches.

"Blobby and bouncy.."

Peputo stands out as perhaps the most versatile character I've crafted. His fluid shape, expressive demeanor, and unique superpower have added an extra layer of enjoyment to my creative process, allowing me to weave him into the fabric of most of my works.

Speaking of Peputo's unique superpower, don't you think that being able to multiply oneself, to become larger or smaller, would instill a sense of invincibility? I often imagine that I could conquer anything if I possessed such abilities.

Drawing this pink character has given me more courage in real life.



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