Interaction studies

Waypoints of note between Calian and Atlas

Calian was the first project of mine where interactivity plays an essential role in the intended experience. Even before its release I was keenly aware of the unexplored possibilities when real-time, universally accessible, lightweight codes are driven, wholly or in part, by user input. These five pieces are studies in interaction, created during my journey toward what became Atlas.

All are meant to be experienced full-screen, with user-driven input by mouse, trackpad, or finger movement.

The `quantum' trait in Calian was an unexpected outcome of a more basic, intentioned process. Fronts expand and contract in a discrete manner. I find its almost regular ticking oddly satisfying. Exploring it further in this study, here I emphasize advection, tracing out streamlines of flow. The wind fields create fragile patterns, destroyed by a slight touch. Do you prefer to create or destroy?

Scrolling is a ubiquitous part of the modern experience. Although it naturally maps onto zoom, the latter need not be constrained as it is in reality. Here the world is a curved, fractal space. As you zoom it constantly subdivides itself. How strange can the world be before it becomes completely disorienting?

Three variations on an anti-mandala, an example of a living painting. Organic processes compete with ever-present order-restoring forces. While a traditional mandala emphasizes the transience of all human experience, science rather underscores the opposite: hidden order that is inviolable.

Moving towards Atlas, the world here is anchored by a definite sense of scale. The basic dynamics of Atlas is present, but in a dark complexion. Zooming in and out allows one to experience the tension between order and chaos that underlies all complex systems. Where do you find your equilibrium?

A study in extreme kaleidoscopic distortion. (flash warning under heavy zoom) With enough distortion, the connection to the outside world is tenuous. The eye looks back on itself.



Video Editor: Mackenzie Davenport

Score: Jayden Boesch

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