A one-sheet of selected exploratory sketches for Adamtastic's 2021 animated artwork, Drifting.

Drifting: A Hidden Strength


In 2021, Adamtastic entered the newly forming Web3 landscape and quickly saw the potential to tell his personal stories in a new medium. Since childhood, Adam struggled to pay attention. He often found himself in trouble after getting lost in his constant daydreams. For a long time, he saw this as a negative as it interfered with his education. It wasn't until he grew up that he realized the very thing causing him trouble and frustration was actually his super power. Adam decided to lean-in and use the ideas generated by his meandering mind - funneling his emotions into art.

A Vibrant Testing Ground

In Drifting, Adam relied on digital painting techniques from start to finish. What began as quick tiny thumbnails to help identify the subject matter from a distance... evolved into a vibrant testing ground for world building and character development.

Once colors have were chosen, the rest of the elements were re-drawn several times to allow textures to "swim." This is a technique known in animation as a moving hold. This brings life to any otherwise static elements.

Art Is Life

After months of ideation, Drifting became Adamtastic's genesis NFT - selling within 24 hours of minting, on Foundation. This moment marked a new beginning in Adam's artistic career - one that had already been filled with art and expression... but that now felt renewed and full of potential. Adam has been consistently creating art for over 20 years both digitally and traditionally, and securing provenance on the blockchain since 2021. He sees a future in digital art preservation and looks forward to what's to come!



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